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Ne-Mar Center Community News & Links

The Ne-Mar Center is in the heart of Claremore. It is A Claremore Original!. So, we're excited to offer the following links to some of Claremore's and Roger County's most popular establishments and organizations.

Claremore Chamber of Commerce - http://www.claremore.org
City of Claremore - http://www.claremorecity.com
Claremore Daily Progress - http://www.claremoreprogress.com
Claremore Public Schools - http://www.claremore.k12.ok.us
Claremore Visitors Bureau - http://www.visitclaremore.org
JM Davis Gun Museum - http://www.thegunmuseum.com
More Claremore - http://www.moreclaremore.com
Neely Insurance Agency - http://www.neelyfinancial.com
Oologah Public Schools - http://www.oologah.k12.ok.us
Rogers County Historical Society - http://www.rchs1.org
Sequoyah Public Schools - http://www.sequoyaheagles.net
Verdigris Public Schools - http://www.vps.k12.ok.us
Will Rogers Birthplace - http://www.willrogers.org/birthplace.html
Will Rogers Memorial - http://www.willrogers.org